Thank you to Avraham Nacher for doing an absolutely amazing and totally professional job of photographing the Likrat Kallah event.

Avraham is an excellent photographer with an easy going demeanor. He understood just the kind of shots I was interested in capturing and he did it so skillfully. And he got the pics back to me in no time!

We’ve taken Avraham for our son’s bar mitzvah and I can say on both accounts-bar mitzvah and Likrat Kallah event, that his work is outstanding and his price is extremely reasonable.

– Sadeena Pinhasik

We’ve had many simchas in the past, and your pictures were by far the best

– Y.S.

My daughter bought a gift package from Avraham for my husband and me. The session was fun the pictures came out great! Highly recommended!

– Rochel Black

Avraham was the photographer at my son’s Bar Mitzvah. He took amazing family shots outdoors before the event as well as fantastic photographs during the event. We couldn’t believe our eyes when the very next morning we received a “Quick Peek” of some of the pics from the night before, followed by the full album online for us to choose from for printing a few days later. To add icing on the cake, the price fit within our budget! It was a pleasure working with Avraham from beginning to end.

Chaim Stepelman
Founder at Inventive-Step, Ltd., the patent search experts

Avraham Nacher was the photographer for our son’s bar-mitzvah. Not only did he take great pictures, he also gives them back to you in a timely fashion. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and looking forward to using him again in the future. I would definitely recommend giving him a call for any of your photographing needs.

Satisfied customer,
Elisheva Ross

We used Avraham Nacher recently for a bar mitzvah. He was able to come early morning for a hanchat tefillin and he was able to cover the dancing on motzei Shabbat. He does INCREDIBLE work of both stills and action shots. He did wonderful portraits too.
He has a great eye for a shot and really gets great pictures.
He is very reasonably priced as well and is a real pleasure to deal with.
I highly recommend him.
I am happy to answer any other questions.

– Zvi Yeres

Anyone in need of someone to capture your special moments at your Bar Mitzvah or Simcha, I highly recommend Avraham Nacher. Such a great guy and was a pleasure to work with. Don’t think twice. Have him capture your special moments and be as satisfied as we are.

Menachem Weinreb
Creative Director of Mishpacha Magazine

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. You have been so flexible and accommodating. Thank you for accepting installments and for being so cheerful. You have helped us to cherish the memories.

– Yehonasan and Simcha Gefen

Fantastic photos. You really captured the amazingness of the day.

– Yvette Hauser

Wow!!! We love these photos! Amazing job!

– The Kedars

We booked a photoshoot with Avraham. From the word “Go”, I realized he is really a kind and patient person. It’s not easy to get our three-year-old to cooperate. We just received our pictures … he is also an amazing photographer!!

– The Brown Family